December 11 & 12 , 2015


Tampa Bay Hamfest - Selling Spaces


Main Hall Commercial Clubs - Swaps


This is inside the center building with the commercial vendors

Air Conditioned space, well lit, dry and comfortable.

Close to food and restrooms. Locked after show hours

Electric power available at most tables (fees apply)


$20 for an 8 foot table with up to 2 chairs - admission tickets required






Friday Open inside and the pavilion for commercial vendor setup @ 7 AM
  Open inside and the pavilion for all inside setup @ 10 AM
  Open the outside to tailgaters setup  @ 11 AM
  Open parking. @ 12 AM
  Open all to the public @ 1 PM
  Close outside and inside  @ 7 PM
  Parking lot closed (will open for SkyWarn) @ 8 PM




Open the outside to tailgaters setup 

@ 7 AM


Open tailgate to the public  

@ 8 AM


Open inside and pavilion for vendors setup

@ 8 AM


Open inside and pavilion to general public

@ 9 AM


Close outside and inside

@ 4 PM 


Parking lot closed

@ 5 PM






No vehicles or trailers allowed in the building, Load-in by Hand Carts Only. Overhead door will be open 

during the Setup time Friday and Saturday.

Overhead door must be closed during show hours on Friday and Saturday.

Table cloths are suggested for vendor tables. Tarps or Merchandise covers are suggested for Friday night. 

If you order power bring your own plug-strips.




The Pavilions - Covered Swap


The Pavilions are the covered Ag exhibit buildings on the east and west sides of the Main Building. 

They are enclosed with half walls then open up to the roof for ventilation. Well lit, concrete floor,

 near food and restrooms.

Ceiling fans for ventilation. No Power. Trailers OK inside your space.


$20 for a 20 foot by 25 foot swap space - admission tickets required


Hours: Friday setup for Pavilions (commercial vendor) at 7 AM - Open to public 1 PM to 7 PM

Friday setup for Pavilions at 10 AM - Open to public 1 PM to 7 PM

Saturday setup for all at 8 AM - Open to public at 9 AM to 5 PM

Motorized vehicles may not remain inside. Load or unload only or drop trailer. Vehicles not allowed in 

building during show hours. Vehicle access doors will not be opened during show hours. No generators 

or motor driven equipment inside..

The buildings will be locked at night but the walls are open at the top. Merchandise covers or Tarps are 

suggested, protect your own stuff.



The Strawberry Festival grounds provide an excellent Tailgate area. Vehicles may be left in your 

space but security is up to you. Lots of Sun. Tailgate vendors may leave when you wish. Spaces 

are first come first pick. 


Spaces are:


$10 - per 12 wide by approx 24 deep space - admission tickets required



Hours: Friday open for setup at 11 Noon - open to public at 1 PM to 7 PM

Saturday open for setup at 7 AM - open to public at 8 AM to 4 PM


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The Florida Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Council (FGCARC) is an organization of amateur radio clubs/groups from West Central Florida.

The purpose of FGCARC is to bring together hams to share information and ideas.

FGCARC is an ARRL affiliated council.

The major project of the The Florida Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Council is to sponsor the yearly Tampa Bay Hamfest.

Meetings are held monthly on the 4th Wednesday at 7:30 P.M.

Contact Information
Postal address:
PO Box 22042, Tampa, FL 33622-2042

Electronic mail:
Please contact FGCARC Hamfest Committee members directly: Hamfest Committee

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